[MUD-Dev] Player generated quests

Mike Shaver shaver at off.net
Sun Feb 29 09:05:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Alex Chacha wrote:
> wcoles at reflectionsinteractive.com wrote:

>> Just throwing this out (partially as an extension to the previous
>> discussion about fed-ex quests). Although I'm sure it's not a new
>> idea. Giving players the ability to provide quests for each other
>> and provide experience gains for completion.
> This leaves a huge hole for exploits unfortunately.  There is
> nothing preventing someone from leveling one account, then on
> another machine starting another account and giving quests to the
> lower level which are trivial for huge xp gain.  Minimal xp gain
> for a high level player is a gigantic gain for a low level player,
> and vice versa.

This presumes the typical super-linear experience point curve, which
I'm not sure necessarily serves a useful purpose in modern RPG
contexts.  It seems to me that an experience model which does the
level-balancing at the time of XP award, such that a character who
performs a task that's "about their level" gets "about 1.0 XP",
would make a lot of these sorts of systems work better.  It might
make reasoning about PvE reward balance easier on the designers,
too, I suppose, though I'm not intimately familiar with how most
designers go about determining the loot/XP/etc. value of a given

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