[MUD-Dev] Mythica Cancelled..

Bill Slease slease at cyan.com
Fri Mar 5 08:46:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt wrote:

> I tried out Uru online, and the major problem was that they
> released it as beta when it didnt work at all. My experience was
> that it worked so badly (mainly because of real bad lag) that you
> couldn't play it. I think people stopped by, decided it was crap
> and left. Thus the very limited interest. The graphics was great,
> and possibly they could have made it work great, but what I
> experienced was a game reduced to a scavenger hunt and for
> multiplayer part an advanced stone-paper-siccors, and nothing else
> .. except hideous lag (tied to screen update frequency no less,
> .. when i was lucky i got 2 frames pr second in the online game -
> thats just plain bad).

> If they had fixed these things, I would have been a subscriber..

Ouch.  Please allow me to clear up some misperceptions.

The online portion was never publicly released - it was an
invitation-only free period.

I'd be curious to know the specs for your system and how you
configured Uru to get such miserable results.  Most of us work on
machines near the recommended system requirements and saw frame
rates at least ten times better than what you saw.  This isn't to
say there weren't optimizations to be made - we were improving
client and server performance throughout (as should be expected).

But the following issue is what most people seem to be confused
about: Our problem wasn't with keeping the interest of people who
came (albeit not in your case :) ).  There just weren't enough
people who even signed up to try.  We weren't lacking for people who
tried it and liked it - we were lacking in people who wanted
anything more than the offline game they got in the box.
Apparently, online content delivery for our demographic just isn't
the way to go (yet?).

As for content - it sounds like you missed several key areas and
gameplay features (most of which will be available in upcoming
expansion packs.)

Thanks for trying it out anyway :)

Bill Slease
Cyan Worlds, Inc.
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