[MUD-Dev] [DESIGN] : Where to find information about mud design ?

Lethal Thanatos snowolf2 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 3 04:01:23 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

I'm an almost graduated student in computer science and economics
and my big project for this last year (I hope it will be the last)
is to write in Oz a mud based on peer-to-peer network and
capabilities. Since I sent my mail I founded a lot of websites about
muds and less that talk about their design. Then my question is:

  Where (it doesn't matter it's on the internet or in a book) do you
  think I can found information about the design of muds (which
  design/architectural patterns to use, what are the
  functional/non-functional goals, ...)?

I really really apologize to ask this question again, but please
give me some answers...

I thank all of you in advance (even if you don't answer),

Lethal Thanatos
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