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Eric eric at enkanica.com
Tue Apr 5 05:18:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Peter Keeler wrote:
> Quoting Bernard Graham <bernardgraham at gmail.com>:

>> With "dynamic creation of worlds" I mean that I want to generate
>> a whole continent by only giving the engine a set of parameters.
>> Then it generates the continent complete from caves inside the
>> mountains to sewers in the cities.  I am completely sure that
>> this can be done (it might be a hell of a lot of work to create
>> such an engine though).

>> If anybody has ever seen something like this or played with it
>> and have some pointers or ideas I'd like to hear them!

> Check out John Arras' "genmud":
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/genmud/

For the aspiring creator of MUD with Graphics, check out MojoWorld 3
for a graphical something:


Here is a review on version 2.0:

  http://insidecg.com/feature.php?id=123 (Note: It is a full point
                                          release higher now).

Maze generator (infamous Jamis Buck dungeon generator):


I am unaware of any one bit of software that precisely matches a
dynamic creation of worlds.  I use a hodgepodge mix of tools,

Slight Tangent:

  I believe there'd be more push in the direction of better
  generative tools if there existed a standard format for the
  description of virtual/planetary worlds. Then the generators would
  come, as there'd be a format to follow, which is 90% the challenge
  in creating software tools, IMHO.  Further, with a standard format
  that describes a world, one would have different tools to view
  them follow as a matter of course.

  Area files remind me of the nearest thing to a world file
  standard.  There are a lot of tools for them.  Neverwinter Nights
  comes pretty close in the world of 3D.  A real shame VRML never
  took traction.

  Perhaps a .world file structure RFC isn't too far away these days
  from some list member with a sleepless night and a little too much
  caffeine.  (To the standards body: please don't let any 800lb
  gorillas on the committee. ;) )

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