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Another mud client won't stop botting, the simple truth is you either have
to send commands as plain text or encrypt them, but the encryption is void
if as Michael said your decryption is open source.  Someone could simply
develop another client to run in the background and control your client with
keystrokes, grabbing output from the mud like a packet sniffer and
decrypting it if need be to react to it.  The bottom line is, the more you
take off the server the more you are opening up for hackers, imagine if
everyone could alter their own area files, even something as simple as
giving a specific mob 1 hp so that one hit kills it?  This can be done if
the area is stored and hence used on the client side such as this.  Sure you
could have the server detect alterations such as this, but then you aren't
saving any bandwidth so what is the point?  I also think you may have missed
the mark a bit on why so many muds are moving toward sql database backends.
Sql database backends add so much more flexibility than a flat file system.
For instance try to write a php script that reads your log files (we all use
multiple log files these days right?), searches for a specific word and
dumps only the entries containing that word to the browser.  In essence you
could make your entire game have an HTML frontend which as we all know in
today's times that a browser is a lot more accessible than even a standard
telnet client for most people.  I myself use an sql database system because
my builders find it much easier to build using a web form than using OLC on
the mud and all for the low low price of nothing.  File access is expensive
in terms of resources but no less or more so than database access is.  So
while your idea of why people choose to use sql backends is a valid one,
it's not the only one.

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 In a sense I guess I was just trying to think of other ways to keep
players into the game as well as taking care of various issues that
the players probably don't care about. I know that during some of my
research, Aardwolf mud uses the mccp protocol as it helps to cut down
allot on bandwidth. I think this would be an issue as most hosting
accounts come with limited bandwidth. So a specific client would have
built in support for mccp, mxp, pueblo or whatever else. Also, lag can
be caused sometimes by all of the fighting including the combat
messages, event system scripts and so on. So part of the idea was to
have a minimal scripting engine within the client that could parse
different things and or commands sent back from the mud..

The mud would just send the command to the client and the script would
activate. Thus giving the client the message.. A one liner command
uses less bandwidth than a one or two paragraph message. This is also
one thing I thought about as well. 3D games like quake hosted the
server in one place with a list of areas or maps. But the client had
to have them or download the maps in order to play.. I thought this
may be nice as well to load the areas on the client machine when they
play instead of the server having 40, 50, 60+ areas loaded into memory
all at the same time.. It was just an idea was all..

The more that I thought about it, the more ideas I had like players
being able to interact with quests that are done on thier machine
within the client. They could be done within the game or when offline.
Results being sent back to the server when they connect.. As I
mentioned, I just thought it opened allot of possibilites but I'm
still looking into a few other things as well.

I know that for myself, I can write bots for use with zmud for certain
popular muds and can level and everything else without ever touching
the keyboard. Just sit back and watch.. This was partly the main idea
because Zmud triggers and scripts are becoming to advanced and I'd
like to deter the use of them. I've never really seen a mud that does
since every one can be played with any current mud client..

Anyway, thanks for the reply,
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