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Brian bmschroe at
Tue Apr 5 18:13:37 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

> I, myself have been looking into writing a client that could connect
> to a mud and would also hold the majority of files that most diku
> derived muds hold in memory.. Meaning that the mud client would
> include the help files, general gaming notes, contain the motd and so
> forth all within the encryted files. The player downloads the client,
> logs on, the client checks for updates for new helps ect and downloads
> them in the background

My thoughts on this are, if you were to have some sort of locally saved d=
what is preventing you from sending a copy of _everything_ through the cl=
helps, notes and even areas (stripped down, no sense in putting mob stats=
anything handled directly by the mud).  If you were interested in saving
bandwidth, save a copy of the areas locally in an encrypted chunk, and ju=
have the server acknowledge it recieved your input if it does not really =
to send anything, combat messages and communication to the client.  Have =
client format the output.  That way, even if people do figure out how to =
the local area files, all it is going to do is messup what the client dis=
to them, since nothing is being sent from the client but the user's input=

I could imagine communication between client/server looking something lik=
e this:
Client sends "south" after checking to make sure there is a room to move =
to, to
the south.
Server replies : ACK_ROOM_<vnum>~Mob:3024\n3012\nBors is here, fighting t=
beastly fido\nthe beastly fido is here, fighting Bors\n~Obj:3016~

Acknowledging the room and informing the client what else to display in t=
he room
besides the room description.

Of course, channel communication would be handled normally, and the best =
could do with combat might be to send the vnum of the mob being fought.

For the most part, your real savings would be on normal room movement, re=
looks, whenever someone needs to be sent a large chunk of text.  Overall,=
might be more work than its worth.  In the same vein, you could always, i=
f you
wanted to somehow make the client a little more active, there is probably=
to pre set settings (special triggers and whatnot) in one of the advanced=
clients and encourage your players to download and use that.  However, yo=
u run
into platform issues again.

I seem to be good at blabbering on and on, so I will stop here, it could =
but, I fear enough people already have high speed connections that any
bandwidth saving would be mostly negligible unless you are hosting, as yo=
said, several hundred (or dozen) people.

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