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Tue Apr 5 18:16:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 08:51 -0400, Christopher Bunting wrote:
> And then, we have various muds working to incorporate the use of mysql
> to do back end functions and such. While all of this stuff maybe sound
> good, I think the biggest problem is that in my personal opinion,
> these developers have missed the point..
> General muds have worked great for years and there was never a need
> for this back in the mid 90's.. I have yet to see a mud with a
> playerbase of that size today who had even thought about doing this.
> Hence, it would be nice if that much effort was put into a
> mud client that we have never seen.

> The great thing about graphical games is that stress is taken off of
> the server because players are given a specifically written client
> just for that game.. 

Just because some stuff is taken off the server doesn't mean the load is
decreased significantly, remember the client is in the hands of the
enemy, so you pretty much must check everything they 'do' to prevent

> I, myself have been looking into writing a client that could connect
> to a mud and would also hold the majority of files that most diku
> derived muds hold in memory.. Meaning that the mud client would
> include the help files, general gaming notes, contain the motd and so
> forth all within the encryted files.

There is no reason for muds to store these in memory except to speed up
output of them. Stock can be easily modified to not store this stuff in
memory, and pull from an external source on demand. (DB,flatfile, etc)

In a typical MUD the savings I bet would barely be noticable except for
a decrease of outbound bandwidth, I can think of no muds where outbound
bandwidth is thier limitation, see C10K.

> The problem is that there isn't anywhere to look. 

I find google to be a terrific resource.

> Does anyone have any ideas or links to something like this or docs
> about this. I don't want an actual client, I would just like to find
> info on sending/receiving files and updating things client side.
> Encrytion of files and so on. 

man pages but that won't help much unless you know what you are looking
for (sockets, open, close, read, write, sendfile, ssl, and so on) 
Ideally if you are writing it I suggest the "UNIX Network Programming"
books by W. Richard Stevens.

MUD-DEV may have some other postings about updating, lots of game design
sites also have info.

Lots more places as well, dig around, the info is there.

> There has never been any open source clients with overhead maps or 
> anything of the nature being shown and updated 24/7 on the client side 
> that I have seen.

Oh there has been, check freshmeat and sourceforge there's opensource
mmorpg client/servers, mud clients (with mapping etc), while the mud
clients don't autosync to the servers (in the c/s environment you want)
wouldn't take much to change stuff around, there's been multiple
protocols suggested for similiar back in the late 90s.

While I can't recall some names right now other than AmigaMUD and
Planeshift, I've seen em.

Chad Ziccardi
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