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Wed Apr 6 00:04:03 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 09:57 -0400, Christopher Bunting wrote:
> > You did miss the point about this ... the point was the "search" part of
> > it.
>   I really didn't miss the point.. I was looking for a logical answer.

There is often more than one way to do something, keep that in mind,
just because you don't see the logic of using one method to do something
doesn't mean that it isn't logical.

Databases for example make it far easier to share info outside the mud,
forums, webfrontends, etc - sure you could write other code to deal with
it, but it's far easier to write code to run queries than treversing
trees of directories and checking every file, especially in C.

> >but C is also not a scripting language,
>  How so? You do know that you can write fully scriptable game logic in
> plain C don't you? You don't really need an external scripting
> language. C can do it all by itself...

Just because you can write a C-like scripting lang in C doesn't make C a
scripting language, most people look to add another language because
it's already done for them, why re-invent the wheel, or the language
they chose is for non-programmers to write internal scripting.

> > and some have functions that do take a while to run (like massive searches
> > through thousands of pfiles) if you use an sql database on a separate
> I've never seen a mud with 1000's of live, in use profiles...

Earlier you claimed a mud had 400+ online at a time, that's certainly
1000+ active pfiles, maybe not all online at the same time, but
definately active daily. You mention before making a mmorpg, I've never
heard of a mmorpg even think about storing thier info in flatfiles,
always some type of database.

> > logged on.  I'll give you an example though, try adding 400,000+ rooms to a
> > rom mud (with the addition of long vnums and ivans olc) and do an asave
> Sorry to tell you but rom won't load them whether you use a database
> or not. A database with that many would make the mud so unplayable it
> would be useless.

Only poor design would make it unable to load, or unplayable, easily

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