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Wed Apr 6 21:56:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Hello All,
 I'm not trying to get into a huge debate over this. I apologize...

I think that maybe I worded various things wrong because I don't think
the topic of my post was even taken the right way. It's sorta been a
big misunderstanding..

I see nothing wrong with using a database if it makes things easier
for you. Just as I see nothing wrong with using a scripting engine if
that makes it easier for you..

But moving along to a more advanced topic, Databases and Scripting
engines do not do anything in regards to the problems with C... Would
you agree?

The topic of this post was moving away from the norm.. I replied
various times discussing the gsn stuff and my use of lua to get away
from gsn's but I don't think anyone really understood the examples or
logic behind it.. And I didn't go into detail about how it was done
really either.

Now, in regards to moving away from the norm, was to get ideas for a
client. Since I have incorporated support for more than just a text
mud, I was trying to get ideas without having to give out any
secrets.. But since allot of programmers both new and old are on this
list.. I'll share my story because while I think C is great, I prefer
D instead...

When I first started coding on Rom, I thought C was great.. Easy to
learn and add too. I was starting to be able to do allot of things..
Back in the late 90's, Various problems arose because I was trying to
get around the drawbacks of C. So I started using coroutines and
co-threads.. Yes, they've been around and exist in various other
languages as well. Python, C++, C, Lua ect..

But I wanted more.. Since I had worked on 3D engines previously like
Genesis3D and contributed to the C++ Crystal Space project which now
powers the Free MMORPG called Planeshift, I wanted to have the ability
to do the same thing but without have to learn an entire new language
all together.

So overall, I guess the Rom list was the wrong place to ask questions
to get ideas on certain topics because 1, My codebase really doesn't
compare to Rom or even Diku anymore. 2, It's not written in C. But it
sorta still fit with a rom based mud, just not with the c language it
was originally programmed in. That makes for enough confusion of it's

My mud has been a personal project that has been going on for along
time 3+ years. I had stopped posting to this list because I had moved
away from the regular codebases in terms of how they were coded. Most
discussions are based around Rom or the C programming language and so
forth. Even when you hear about new muds, They are written from
scratch using C, C++, Java ect.. Not even the topics of the
Advanced Mud Forum really fit with what I was doing at the time.

I got away from the problems associated with C and Rom in general by
going in an uncharted direction that I dought any advanced programmer
on this list has ever heard about. Or maybe you have but I've never
seen a mud written in D.

But again, I apologize as I was not trying to sound rude in anyway..
We all use what works for our own mud. Below, I've included some links
for anyone on the list who is interested. Wish I would of had this
info before I started messing with muds and C.

Stuff I get asked about D.
The questions I get asked allot... How much does it cost? FREE! Does
it run on Linux + Windows.. Yes.. Can it be used for more than a mud..
Yes, There are professional 3d games created with it. D supports
opengl, stl, mysql, sql lite, lua, python and tons of others.. What if
I'm used to programming in C/C++/C# or Java.. Doesn't matter.. Check
out the site.

Relevant Links to D:

Programming in D for C Programmers

D vs Other Languages C/C++/C#/Java

Dmoz Resources:

And finally, D is written by the same guy who wrote Symatic C++ and 5
or 6 other compilers.
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