[MUD-Dev] DESIGN: Mini-VW contenst (Was DESIGN: The game with a thousand faces)

Douglas Goodall dgoodall at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 7 03:29:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Mike Rozak wrote:

> Someone with copius time and good organizational skills might want
> to organize a similar contest for virtual worlds, perhaps
> requiring a world with less than 6 hours of content. (By the way,
> I don't have either copious amounts of time or good organizational
> skills.)

> For the contest to work, there would need to be several VW
> authoring systems available. Interactive fiction has Tads, Inform,
> and a few amateur graphical systems. VWs have many text-based
> platforms (such as LPmud), but I haven't seen any graphical
> authoring systems with powerful scripting languages. I am working
> on a still-image graphical system, but it won't be available for a
> long while.

Does Neverwinter Nights count?

I've seen similar contests in other genres (Iron DM, 24-hour UT
levels, etc), but not for VWs.
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