Advanced Topic - Doing it differently.

Christopher Bunting cbunting99 at
Fri Apr 8 02:40:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Ok, Maybe it wasn't the best example. I don't write everything in C
anymore so I'm not prone to be 100% familiar on it.. Guess you all
just wait for those moments so you can show how truely Adept of C you

Since you can post a smaller example of my D code in C, Let's get more
technical. Please post some examples using the following as well.
Maybe I too should get a degree in C or whatever as was already
mentioned in an earlier reply.

Please show an example of any of the following in C.

Use of garbage collection.
Use of function delegates.
Use of function overloading.
Use of nested functions 
Use of function literals 
USe of dynamic closures
Use of resizeable arrays 
Use of string switches 
Use of array bounds checking 
Use of strong typedefs
Use of OOP 
Use of dynamic class loading

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