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Christopher Bunting cbunting99 at
Fri Apr 8 04:58:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

 Correct you are... Ya got me.. 

However, I've done this for 3D gaming using C++ dynamic class loading
using dlopen api. But as you mention, Supposedly D/C/C++ can't do
this, only C# and Java.. But I could eons ago.

int main() {
    using std::cout;
    using std::cerr;

    void* vector = dlopen("./", RTLD);
    if (!vector) {
        cerr << "Cannot load library: " << dlerror() << '\n';
        return 1;

more code would be here....

I had been in debates along time ago about C++ not being able to do
this whatsoever. I've been told straight up, "C++ can't load dynamic
classes".... But I guess with all programming languages, it just
depends on how well you know it and just because you can't do it
doesn't mean it can't be done..

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