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Fri Apr 8 07:21:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Why does it not surprise me that you were in debates long ago?  If you want
to continue to think you are somehow better than everyone else on this list
be my guest, but I wasn't saying you couldn't do it in C/C++ or even D for
that matter, what I said is I'd like to see it done in D.  I understand that
you somehow need validation of your coding skills, I however do not.  Rather
than keep going on and on about this topic that has completely shifted from
your original post and the apparent purpose of this thread I am going to
ignore all other posts on this thread and am seriously debating whether to
ignore all posts from you period.

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> Hello,
>  Correct you are... Ya got me..
> However, I've done this for 3D gaming using C++ dynamic class loading
> using dlopen api. But as you mention, Supposedly D/C/C++ can't do
> this, only C# and Java.. But I could eons ago.
> int main() {
>     using std::cout;
>     using std::cerr;
>     void* vector = dlopen("./", RTLD);
>     if (!vector) {
>         cerr << "Cannot load library: " << dlerror() << '\n';
>         return 1;
>     }
> more code would be here....
> I had been in debates along time ago about C++ not being able to do
> this whatsoever. I've been told straight up, "C++ can't load dynamic
> classes".... But I guess with all programming languages, it just
> depends on how well you know it and just because you can't do it
> doesn't mean it can't be done..
> Chris
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