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Christopher Bunting cbunting99 at
Fri Apr 8 10:09:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Know something Hiddukel.. I have only done what many others have
done.. I converted rom to another language.. Whoopee.. It's been done
long before me.. You've replied many times quoting different things
and you know what? Maybe I read those wrong and tried to reply with
some example code to show how something can be done.. Forgive me if I
misinterpreted your replies..

But since you pointed me out..

#1: My name is and has always been the same, Chris Bunting.. I can be
found in the rom archive over many years.. I don't claim to be the
perfect coder or the best but I have tried not only to learn but to
help others too..Heh, I even submit code.... I was one of the first to
start converting various rom codebases to Windows using MSVC++ as
found here,

I have also released various codebases being the first to do what many
new coders couldn't.. Like adding olc to the custom tartarus and
anatolia codebase many years ago.. It's listed on along
with the rest..

>>.  I understand that you somehow need validation of your coding skills

I don't need validation of my coding skills.. I'm not perfect, but I
do at least have proof that what I may claim to do has really been
done.. As I said, I've released various rom derivs..

#2: I have not made any claims that I was not able to show code for,
either via examples or anything else. I have nothing at all to hide..
At best, I've spent allot of time trying to help those new to coding
trying to do everything that they could not or were not able to do.

#3: The rom list if proof.. You claim to have a BS, mention 400,000
rooms in a db, 30K pfiles and you think that I don't know just what
SQL and MYSQL can and can't be used for? Maybe you should read the
forum at on why exactly it's not possible to load rooms
or areas into a mud. Unless you seem to know something that many of
the rest of us don't.. If so, Please submit some code for once. I'm
sure many would like to know.
#4: I looked through all posts by you in the rom archives.. I've not
seen one time where you have posted any code whatsoever.. With a BS in
programming or whatever you have, I'd surely think you can at least
write and post some code.

#5: You claim to have such a big mud, but have shown no proof that you
can even code at all. So where is the IP/Port to this huge mud?
Surely, a mud the size of yours would be listed on the mud connector
and would have some players with 30K pfiles..

>>need validation of your coding skills, I however do not!

I'd like to see how you code. But... there isn't a rom thread where
you've submitted any.. I wrote player ran shop code, was just an idea
that weas futher coded and went into smaug, but I did have allot of
working code myself.. it too is on What have you

>>I am going to ignore all other posts on this thread and am seriously
debating whether to ignore all posts from you period.

Thats funny.. I started this thread.. I don't recall asking or forcing
you to reply to it.

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