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Chad Simmons polpak at
Fri Apr 8 10:28:55 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Woah.. Been ages since I've seen such a high level of flames on this list.
Ignoring all that though, this bit here stuck in my craw.

> #3: The rom list if proof.. You claim to have a BS, mention 400,000
> rooms in a db, 30K pfiles and you think that I don't know just what
> SQL and MYSQL can and can't be used for? Maybe you should read the
> forum at on why exactly it's not possible to load rooms
> or areas into a mud. Unless you seem to know something that many of
> the rest of us don't.. If so, Please submit some code for once. I'm
> sure many would like to know.

He doesn't have to. Loading rooms and areas from a database is just as easy (if
not easier) than loading them from files. Your belief that it is not possible
is completely erronious. Not only can you load areas and rooms dynamically into
a mud, you could even write the code in such a way to dynamically load skills,
and commands, etc.

Anyway... Just wanted to correct some apparent misconceptions.

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