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Fri Apr 8 12:20:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Well, the reply wasn't directly around that. I'm not trying to get
into a database war. I have used databases in the past for various
things too.. But I've also seen a ton of forum topics covering the use
of databases. And there are a few people who are very well known in
the mudding community that say it really can't be done because of
everything that is needed. Loading objects, mobs, skills, spells is
one thing. Areas and rooms are another..  But that was just my take
from reading the replies from these guys and from professional 3d game
developers as well.

The reply by Robert is on this thread:

Also, the posts by Elanthis  are usually right on.. I mean, He has
written a C++ mud from scratch. Not saying that there aren't any on
this list.. I know the names of all the major code contributors that
were ever on this list, Robert from Inquisition. Erwin from Abandoned.
Gary from WotMud and so on. But I can't say that any ever wrote a mud
from scratch nor have I seen a database being listed or used on their
mud sites.. I think Kavir who wrote godwars wrote a mud from scratch
but I don't think I've ever seen him say anything good about using a
db.. But I could be wrong.


>>He doesn't have to. Loading rooms and areas from a database is just
as easy (if
>>not easier) than loading them from files. 

I wasn't saying that it really couldn't be possible.. But maybe for
the guy I was referring to.. SummersFlame went defunct January 17th
2003. Had 27,000 rooms. Playerbase of 20-30...  I don't really think I
need to go any futher with proving that claims made in reply to my
post were a bit far fetched.
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