Advanced Topic - Doing it differently.

Davion Kalhen davionkalhen at
Fri Apr 8 13:13:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Woh! Talk about collision of the ego's. Why can't we all just, get
allong? Chris, its very obvious by your post you are quite the
intellegent, well spoke programmer. Chris, your ideas are interesting
and throught provoking, but why a flame war? Its the ROM list. People,
if you don't like what he says or think he's wrong, feel free to
dispute it, just do it in a less-hostile manner. Chris, I've followed
your work for awhile, Startermud was the first codebase I ever used
when I was nieve enough to use windows :P, so I wont be questioning
your ability to code, such things would be foolish, same goes for most
people here, like Palrich, Chad Simmons, Dennis, and its simply
because I believe they can handle the language better than I.

KaVir has written a mud from scratch, or rather is, by the name of
GodWars 2. I'm not sure if it was lost in the GryphonMUD caboom, but I
think he still has it going. Its also written in C++.

As for your requests for things written in C, some of those are simply
impossibly to write via the limitations of C. However, most of what
you asked can be written in C++, or is already included in things like
Java. Wether or not D or C is better, is not really a point, it matter
on the writter of the code to an extent. You could write a string
minipulator in C that could be just as powerful as one in Perl, yet
the code could be more convoluted, prone to bugs, or just not as fast.
You have to choose the right language for the right job. However, I
have never come across something I could not write in C for my MUD.
And I have had a multi-million room wilderness, that uses less than
2megs of ram. An OLC editor for what ever I want. It just matters on
how about you go writting it. I don't think you can say one language
is better than another overall. Everything has its downsides. People
claim C++ to be better than C. However, if your looking to shave every
last waisted millisecond of your program, C is faster hands down, then
again, ASM is faster than all :P. However using things in harmony
works fine. I've got a thing somewhere that impliments a try/catch
block into C. Its nifty! Anyways... I'm done my rant.


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