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Fri Apr 8 14:31:27 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

You are very na=EFve if you think I've only ever worked on one mud, as a
matter of fact summersflame is not even defunct, it simply changed =
and was not updated on the mud lists, it was also not intended to be as =
as the mud it was spawned from and summersflame spawned several other =
itself.  I digress though, dig into my history all you want, eventually =
may even find the project I'm talking about.  Just one other thing =
Summersflame currently has 144,533 rooms, it was listed as 27,000 =
the rest was wilderness and should not be counted as unique rooms.  You =
welcome to look at the old maps, over a year old now at  You can also read my (Hiddukel) profile =
even though it is that old as well.  Log on to summersflame even, it is =
at port 4000, explore the place, it is pretty =
though, really only left up for a choice few players that missed it when =
was down for a while and changed hosts.  That really is my brother's
(paladine) mud though, and since he had a baby he hasn't done anything =

In any case, nice try, the date is also wrong, the January 17th might be
right *shrug* but it would be 2004, not 2003.

If you still insist my claims are far fetched I pose this question to =
Have you ever seen the gridmaker snippet?  I didn't write it, but I did =
the idea quite a bit before that snippet was released.  I digress =
though, if
you want to know how a mud with 400,000 rooms runs, take that gridmaker
snippet, or write your own, or better yet, since I never post any code, =
you go:

for (vnum =3D pArea->min_vnum; vnum <=3D pArea->max_vnum; vnum++)
	if ((pRoom =3D get_room_index(vnum)))

for (vnum =3D pArea->min_vnum; vnum <=3D pArea->max_vnum; vnum++)

for (vnum =3D pArea->min_vnum; vnum <=3D pArea->max_vnum; vnum++)
    /* set up exits for every room */
    n =3D vnum - pArea->width;
    s =3D vnum + pArea->width;
    e =3D vnum + 1;
    w =3D vnum - 1;

    /* north border */
    if ((vnum >=3D pArea->min_vnum) && (vnum < pArea->min_vnum +
        n =3D 0;

    /* south border */
    if ((vnum > (pArea->max_vnum - pArea->width) && (vnum <=3D
        s =3D 0;

    /* east border */
    if ((vnum - pArea->min_vnum + 1) % (pArea->width) =3D=3D 0)
        e =3D 0;

    /* west border */
    if ((vnum - pArea->min_vnum + 1) % (pArea->width) =3D=3D 1)
        w =3D 0;

    if ((pRoom =3D get_room_index(vnum)))
        /* set default sector type */
        pRoom->sector_type =3D pArea->sector;

        /* north link */
        if (n > 0)
            if ((toRoom =3D get_room_index(n)))
                pRoom->exit[DIR_NORTH] =3D new_exit();
                pRoom->exit[DIR_NORTH]->u1.to_room =3D toRoom;
                pRoom->exit[DIR_NORTH]->orig_door =3D DIR_NORTH;

        /* south link */
        if (s > 0)
            if ((toRoom =3D get_room_index(s)))
                pRoom->exit[DIR_SOUTH] =3D new_exit();
                pRoom->exit[DIR_SOUTH]->u1.to_room =3D toRoom;
                pRoom->exit[DIR_SOUTH]->orig_door =3D DIR_SOUTH;
        /* east link */
        if (e > 0)
            if ((toRoom =3D get_room_index(e)))
                pRoom->exit[DIR_EAST] =3D new_exit();
                pRoom->exit[DIR_EAST]->u1.to_room =3D toRoom;
                pRoom->exit[DIR_EAST]->orig_door =3D DIR_EAST;
        /* west link */
        if (w > 0)
            if ((toRoom =3D get_room_index(w)))
                pRoom->exit[DIR_WEST] =3D new_exit();
                pRoom->exit[DIR_WEST]->u1.to_room =3D toRoom;
                pRoom->exit[DIR_WEST]->orig_door =3D DIR_WEST;

This is exactly how it appeared in summersflame over 3 years ago, yes it =
and has been written a lot cleaner since then.  Anywho, use that to make
yourself a nice big grid, all in one area if you want, then save it and
reboot your mud and let it load it ... stock rom with long vnums and =
modifications will load it, it will take it a while, but it'll load the =
provided your machine has enough memory.  Then congratulations, you've =
the first step to have a mud with 400,000+ rooms.

Chad already commented on the geek code block, but you'll notice that I =
added mine the other day, oddly enough after I saw Chad's.  If you'd =
up the meaning of the code you'd have realized that a lot of things will =
the same, especially in a small sampling of people such as this, but =
are not identical.  IE: Chad enjoys literature and reads a fair amount =
books, I however do not.  Chad is tall and average build, I am tall and
skinny, we both use C at work and aspire to know more C, we are both =
system admins, he uses it at work though and I only aspire to.....
So no, I don't think everyone is just plain stupid, but that comment =
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> I wasn't saying that it really couldn't be possible.. But maybe for
> the guy I was referring to.. SummersFlame went defunct January 17th
> 2003. Had 27,000 rooms. Playerbase of 20-30...  I don't really think I
> need to go any futher with proving that claims made in reply to my
> post were a bit far fetched.
> --

> Hey Chad Simmons...
> Why do you have the same signature as Hiddukel? Do you think everyone =
> just plain stupid?
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