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Fri Apr 8 15:21:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Davion Kalhen wrote:
> However, most of what
> you asked can be written in C++, or is already included in things like
> Java. Wether or not D or C is better, is not really a point, it matter
> on the writter of the code to an extent. You could write a string
> minipulator in C that could be just as powerful as one in Perl, yet
> the code could be more convoluted, prone to bugs, or just not as fast.
> You have to choose the right language for the right job. However, I
> have never come across something I could not write in C for my MUD.
> And I have had a multi-million room wilderness, that uses less than
> 2megs of ram. An OLC editor for what ever I want. It just matters on
> how about you go writting it. I don't think you can say one language
> is better than another overall. Everything has its downsides. People
> claim C++ to be better than C. However, if your looking to shave every
> last waisted millisecond of your program, C is faster hands down, then
> again, ASM is faster than all :P. However using things in harmony
> works fine. I've got a thing somewhere that impliments a try/catch
> block into C. Its nifty! Anyways... I'm done my rant.
> Davion

I for one am happy to see that, while we do explore different paradigms 
and more innovation designs, we're all keeping our C+-[1] skills honed. ;)

*makes lemonade and passes out cups to Kender, Davion, Palrich, and yes, 
even Nick hiding in the back.* Sup?

[1] (Usually found at FOLDOC, 
but that's unreachable for me at the moment.)

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