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--- Christopher Bunting <cbunting99 at> wrote:
> Loading objects, mobs, skills, spells is one thing. Areas and rooms are 
> another..  But that was just my take from reading the replies from these guys

> and from professional 3d game developers as well.
> The reply by Robert is on this thread:

I think you misunderstood what he was saying. He does load the areas from a
database. He just still has to precache them into memory. So for example if you
are in room A with adjacent rooms B and C the database would have all 3 rooms
queried out as well as their contents. This data would then be stored in ram
until you'd moved far enough away from those rooms that the game could be
reasonably sure it wouldn't need that info for a while. Initially he was
wanting to use the database instead of ram (making it easier to have a PHP
client that also interfaced directly with the game), but it turned out to be
too inefficient.
> Also, the posts by Elanthis  are usually right on.. I mean, He has
> written a C++ mud from scratch. Not saying that there aren't any on
> this list.. 

Again.. Elanthis was cautioning Robert against trying to use the database as
the sole repository for variable information (as opposed to loading data into
ram and operating on it there). He was saying that even if you did manage to
get it to work there would be many different race conditions you'd have to
account for. I was certainly not saying that there were problems using a
database in a more conventional way.

I'd suggest you look a little more closely at the issue, and the arguements.


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