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Chad Simmons polpak at
Fri Apr 8 20:14:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

--- Christopher Bunting <cbunting99 at> wrote:
> Hey Chad Simmons...
> Why do you have the same signature as Hiddukel? Do you think everyone
> is just plain stupid?

You're really not one to sweat the details are you?

I'm ~Kender. I've been posting on this list for about 10 years now. I'm not
Hiddukel. I don't think everyone on this list is stupid... just some. Apart
from the fact that both Hiddukel and I use geek code blocks and post on the ROM
mailing list there is very little similiarities between us.

Though you have reminded me to update my code. It's about 3 years out of date..


Version 3.12
GCS/IT/L/S/O d-(+) s++: a-(?) C++++$ UBLS++++$ 
P+++(--)$ L++++$ E--- W+$ N !o K? w(---) !O 
M- !V PS+ PE(-) Y+ PGP->+ t+ 5 X++ R(+) tv+@ 
b+(++) !DI+++ D G(-) e>+++ h---() r+++ y+++(++)

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