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Christopher Bunting cbunting99 at
Fri Apr 8 23:04:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Various times now I had said that I apologized for getting off topic..
Now, everyone again points me out and why?

During this whole thread, I started to get off topic and was trying to
get back to the point, but what happened? I was trying to post some
code to show how easy I thought it was to do various things. But not
one person asked me why I didn't do it in C. Not one person had asked
why I had done anything in any other way. So I felt was pointed out
again only to have everyone who's been replying to this thread have a
little laughing spree on me..

One of the many examples:
>> Written by Micheal Barton many post easlier in reply to the D
sqlite connector.

> Sorry, but I fail to see any appreciable difference between the two examples of
> code. The only difference I noticed was #include vs import. Other than that

>haha.. I had exactly the same thought.
>So I rewrote the other in C real quick.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <sqlite.h>

int main()
 char *error = NULL;
 sqlite *db = sqlite_open("file.db", 0666, &error);
    printf("DB create error: %s\n", error);
    return 1;
--------------- End of code paste ----------

If you look even futher back a few posts more, I submitted a whole
block of an api for sqlite in C. But did everyone assume that I wrote
the C api? It would appear so..

In regards to Mike's reply.. The code he submitted is small and
clean.. I took the C code directly off of the SQLite website.  It was far from any kind of
code contest.. Maybe Mike should submit his api to sqlite.

But thats the problem.. Everyone I guess felt is if they were being
attacked. Even myself. Everyone lashed back.. I admitted earlier that
I had gotten offtopic and I'll say it again, I made mistakes,
misposted or whatever.. What else can I say?

I personally do not care to go on and on about this. And no, I have
never seen geek block code nor have I ever used it. So i didn't know
what it was.

Again, I am sorry.

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