[MUD-Dev] [DESIGN] : Where to find information about mud design ?

Jaycen Rigger jaycen.rigger at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 10 07:56:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Lethal Thanatos <snowolf2 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Where (it doesn't matter it's on the internet or in a book) do you
> think I can found information about the design of muds (which
> design/architectural patterns to use, what are the
> functional/non-functional goals, ...)?


The above links are great places to start, and each has links to
other sites.

I have copy/pasted a ton of information from all of these places and
more into one gigantic tome called WoldBuilding101.doc.  If you
e-mail me directly, I'll send it back to you.  It's several Meg, so
if you have e-mail restrictions, it might not go.

The document is organized into sections that make sense to me, and
excludes most of the portions of those sites that talk about the
"business" of on-line worlds.  Since I'm in the "free shard" arena,
none of that pertains to me, though I do keep articles about
"marketing to your audience" as that still applies (I want certain
player types, even though I'm not charging people to play).

Good luck with your search.
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