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J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Tue Apr 12 11:02:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2005


On Tuesday, Bob Coyne, one of the developers of Symbolics' S-Paint
system, will be speaking at the next meeting of Lisp NYC about his new
project, WordsEye [via Jim Thompson].

  WordsEye allows untrained users to spontaneously and interactively
  create 3D scenes by simply describing them. By using natural language,
  ordinary users can quickly create 3D scenes without having to learn
  special software, acquire artistic skills, or even touch a desktop
  window-oriented interface. Creating graphics with natural language
  gives a new sense of power to words and suggests applications in
  education and creative play as well as the creation of visual art
  itself. WordsEye relies on a large database of 3D models and images to
  depict objects and surface textures. WordsEye is written in Common
  Lisp and runs on Linux

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