[MUD-Dev] Skotos Seeks Guest Voices

Shannon Appelcline shannon.appelcline at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 09:52:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

As many of you know, we've had an archive of game design articles
over at Skotos for a number of years ( http://www.skotos.net ).
Traditionally, we've requested authors commit to a column of at
least 6 articles before we start running their pieces.

However, last month we started a new column called Guest Voices
where authors can write individual articles on topics that they have
expertise in. Our first entrant was by a Skotos team leader who's
also a professional recruiter, and he talked about the issues with
recruiting for a volunteer game:

If you're interested in writing a singular piece for Guest Voices,
please drop me a line. I'd love it to be a soapbox for industry
professionals and thoughtful enthusiasts alike.

(We're of course also looking for regular columnists too, so if
you're interested in saying more, send me mail about that too.)

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