[MUD-Dev] Blog about GDC implies changes to MMORPG population

Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Sun Apr 17 10:34:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

According to Paolo Piselli:

> That is a big IF.  You cannot presume optimal achievement-rate is
> a gamplay goal for all players, or even a majority of players.  If
> players are more concerned with socializing with friends,
> exploring another world, or distracting themselves from the
> everyday than they are concerned with not being a sub-optimal
> 'gimp', then the system is working fine.


If you're a pure socialiser, it would. But WoW isn't a game for pure
socialisers, it's an achiever game, like most of the genre.

I'd rather play with friends than alone, true. But I'd rather be
challenged when I'm playing. If you group with, say a 6-7 levels
difference, then either:

  - you are essentially soloing, as your friend cannot even hit anything,
  which is rather frustrating for the friend


  - you are mowing thru low level mobs that are trivial for you,
  which is rather frustrating for you.

I'm not talking about XP or cash, or rewards. I'm talking about
having a healthy challenge, and having fun doing things we perceive
as worthwhile (whether or not they are).

The extreme S-curve of the game kills that form of fun (in a mixed
level group).

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