[MUD-Dev] Sony is getting into the virtual goods auctions

Morris Cox morriscox at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 14:26:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2005


I think it's a good idea overall. Will be quite interesting to see
what happens. I expect a *lot* of business. Outfits such as IGE
should feel an impact, though those that have strong reputations
won't feel it as much. Wonder how long before other games follow
suit. I wonder if Second Life and the ike were any influence.

Another part that's interesting:

  Players who wish to join an Exchange server will be given an
  opportunity to transfer one or more characters to that server, at
  no charge for the transfer, when the server goes live.

Usually there's a fee for transferring to other servers. No doubt
the lack of a fee is to more quickly populate those servers.

Morris Cox
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