[MUD-Dev] DGN : Atomistic Creation

Jaycen Rigger jaycen.rigger at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 23 20:48:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

I haven't seen this topic touched in my time here, and we're getting
ready to tackle it.  I hope I can get some feedback.

I read a great write up on this regarding a game called Second Life.
For those not familiar with it, Second Life apparently allows
players to create their own items (which are not pre-defined by the
game) in-game.  Players have access to modeling tools, scripting
tools, and can upload images, textures and sounds and create their
own things within the game.  A particularly inventive group crafted
up a motorcycle.

I'm not talking about that kind of power.  I want to give each raw
resource material in the game a set of properties.  The definition
for what a sword is, for example, only defines the graphic, name and
number of raw material units required to make the item.

If this sword requires 5 material units to create it, the player has
the choice of using any 5 material units to craft the sword that he
likes.  The finished product carries the properties added up for
each raw material unit.

So, a wooden sword could be crafted using 5 logs.  Such a sword
would be very light, but do little damage and have very low
durability.  A pure iron sword would be extremely durable and do a
great deal of damage, but so heavy it would make it difficult to
carry the sword AND the treasure back to town.  The same sword,
mixed with silver might do bonus damage to undead creatures.

I also want to give crafters the ability to create "templates" of a
particular item (crafted by that particular character) so if he
finds a combination for a sword that adventurers really like, he can
easily re-create that exact same effect in the future.

Does anyone see any obvious flaws with a system like this?  Has
anyone tried something like this?  Is it being done effectively?


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