[MUD-Dev] Sony is getting into the virtual goods auctions

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Sun Apr 24 20:55:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Morris Cox wrote:

> Another part that's interesting:

> -----
>   Players who wish to join an Exchange server will be given an
>   opportunity to transfer one or more characters to that server, at
>   no charge for the transfer, when the server goes live.
> -----

> Usually there's a fee for transferring to other servers. No doubt
> the lack of a fee is to more quickly populate those servers.

In my experience of 4+ years of playing EQ, it has always been
standard practice for SOE to offer free transfers to newly opened
servers and recently off to be merged servers. Only normal
transfers, without any servers being added or removed, are charged
for. So I wouldn't read that much into it.

SOE also takes a lot of flak for the decision, from a lot of people
who don't realize that the disallowed nature of item and character
transfers wasn't doing anything to stop it.

A few examples of the raging debate (or shouting match) can be seen



Beware, the first link is not suitable for minors (plenty of
profanity), and the second often isn't before the board mods take
some things out here and there, near the last page.

Note that these aren't even the EQ2 players complaining. For many
people it's The Principle Of The Thing, and the devil is in he who
would allow such sins. Most of the posters share a deep suspicion
that SOE will move this policy to other games once it proves to be a
success in cutting support costs. And it makes good sense too, for a

Peter de Freitas
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