[MUD-Dev] Marketing Resources?

Tom Hunter tchunter3 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 25 02:29:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Michael Hartman wrote:

> One area that most game developers lack training and experience is
> in marketing. This is unfortunate since it is such an extremely
> important aspect of any successful project. We all know of great
> games that languished in obscurity because of poor marketing, just
> as we know of mediocre games that succeeded due to brilliant
> marketing.

My background is marketing, and the level of professionalism in game
marketing still suprises me, though it has improved a lot in the
larger companies.  Michaels point is very well taken but often
either overlooked or poorly understood by people who want to build a
great game.

Its not just games that languish from bad marketing or succeed with
good marketing its everything.  Look at Apple Computer which had a
technically superior product in the 90s that was coupled to a bad
marketing strategy, and now has a product that is easy to match
technically but is winning on a good marketing strategy.  (Mac and
Ipod if you had not figured it out).

> > Are there any good resources out there for enhancing one's >
understanding of marketing in the gaming business?

I have not seen good resources collected, I have seen an occasional
mention of marketing strategy here and there, sometimes they are
good, othertimes not so good.  I recognize good marketing strategy
when I see it and can point to some examples.  Mythic had a very
good strategy for the launch of DAOC for example, and its been
imitated since.  Turbine is doing some innovative marketing as well,
even for older products, which is interesting to me because most
people in the industry behave as if a game can only be marketed
once, but with persistent games I suspect that is not really true.
> > Are there any individuals or organizations that are good
contacts > for marketing advice or consulting?

My experience talking with Themis group is that they are on the
ball.  Personally I do marketing and pricing strategy consulting but
all the game related work I do is on my own efforts to start a
company, most of my work is aimed at banks and telecom and has
nothing to do with consumers at all.  When it comes to games I'm
just a fanatic kibbitzer.

But if you have any specific questions I would be happy to keep
typing away on this subject, its fascinating.

Tom Hunter
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