[MUD-Dev] Marketing Resources?

Tom Hunter tchunter3 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 26 06:45:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Starting with a fact:

  Themis group has consulted to at least two failed games, Wish by
  Mutable Realms, and Rubies of Eventide.

Then speculating:

  I am not thinking that this makes Themis the kiss of death.  I
  suspect that what is happening is more complex but gets to the
  heart of the question.  What is more likely is someone spent a lot
  of time and effort to start a company and build a game but had not
  given a lot of thought to marketing.  Either they did not plan for
  it, or they planned to handle it later, after the product was
  built, or they just put off planning it, preffering to focus on
  the game and thinking they could get away with planning for it

  But a game is a product and most successful organizations start
  thier planning with the marketing organization involved from the
  beginning.  If a developer builds a game without thinking about
  the market and marketing then the chance of failure goes way up.
  It would not suprise me if the two companies mentioned above had
  at least some of these problems, they are actually common in
  software start ups of all types, not just games.

I don't know if Themis was brought in when it was too late or if
some other story explains what happened, just throwing a little
gasoline on the fire.

The impact of marketing decisions on Wish and Rubies might be an
interesting way to drive a discussion of the problem of marketing
these games though.
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