[MUD-Dev] Marketing Resources?

Michael Hartman michael at thresholdrpg.com
Tue Apr 26 07:24:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Tom Hunter wrote:

> I have not seen good resources collected, I have seen an
> occasional mention of marketing strategy here and there, sometimes
> they are good, othertimes not so good.  I recognize good marketing
> strategy when I see it and can point to some examples.  Mythic had
> a very good strategy for the launch of DAOC for example, and its
> been imitated since.  Turbine is doing some innovative marketing
> as well, even for older products, which is interesting to me
> because most people in the industry behave as if a game can only
> be marketed once, but with persistent games I suspect that is not
> really true.

Can you elaborate on what you thought Mythic did well with marketing
the launch of DAoC?

And also, what has Turbine done lately that impressed you,

> But if you have any specific questions I would be happy to keep
> typing away on this subject, its fascinating.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is how to build that
initial buzz, and how to balance that with not causing people to
think "huh? That <insert name of game> game isn't out yet?"

For example, say you have a game about a year away from
release. When do you open up the web site with information about the
game? When do you start soliciting applications for alpha/beta?

Is it wise to open up your web site 6-12 months before release, and
then every few weeks add a bit more to the site to keep people
checking back (new race this week! or new class this week! etc.). Or
does releasing information that far in advance result in the game
seeming old and passe by the time it actually comes out.

It seems like building hype and getting the community started around
a game is a vitally important aspect of having a good release. The
question then is how best to accomplish that.

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