[MUD-Dev] DGN : Atomistic Creation

Kirinyaga lanjk.ro at laposte.net
Thu Apr 28 21:48:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Jaycen Rigger wrote:

> If this sword requires 5 material units to create it, the player
> has the choice of using any 5 material units to craft the sword
> that he likes.  The finished product carries the properties added
> up for each raw material unit.

I believe Saga of Ryzom is using this system. Each craftable item
needs a number of components, each of a special kind. Eg for a
sword, you'll need a hilt, a blade, ... You find these components on
mobs you kill and when you forage. Every component of a kind has
property modifiers, specific to the component (and the mob/area it
came from) : more damage, less speed, a color, a weight, some
magical affinity ... The modifiers of every components you used to
craft the item are added to the item base properties.

In beta, they have even a better system, but it was probably too
complex, or maybe they just change the names. Instead of having
every component affected to a category (eg a shell can be used as a
jewel or the firing pin of a crossbow), they had physical properties
: it was described as "gooey", "hard", "slashing", etc ... and you
needed to gather a set of such physical properties, and in certain
quantities, to craft a specific item. Generic components having a
lot of different properties have weak modifiers, specific components
having only a few properties have high modifiers.
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