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Jaycen Rigger wrote:

> Also, I'd take a bit of issue with the extra effort you're going
> to in order to craft something.  Few of our items are larger
> assemblies of sub-assemblies.  I want to change that, but even if
> I do I'd make the sub-assemblies "refinements".  That is, a
> finished craftable might require rivets, which are made from
> ingots, which are made from raw ore.  I would not require that
> rivets be made from more than one material type.

It depends on what you want to provide your players with through
this system, I guess.  As has already been pointed out, SWG does
something similar already - if the goal is just to provide players
with a bit of flexibility in how they make otherwise standard items
(I like your suggestion of mixing in silver for benefits vs. undead)
then yes, wat you suggest works.

The real benefit of this system, to me, is to allow individual
players to become individuals in crafting - that the end product is
combination of the skills the player has, the quality of materials
he uses, actual player skill in crafting (such as in EQII) and which
materials they use. But if there's only twenty or so combinations,
then the last variable ceases to be. If there's several thousand
combinations (easily possible with enough materials and
sub-division), then it will take a lot of time and materials to find
the "best" receipes - but when found it makes that player the sole
source for items of that quality. You have the appearance of
"brands" in game, as players choose their preferred craftsman.

I probably need to add that finding the right combination shouldn't
be just a matter of trial and error. With the right numbers and
algorithms, results should be somewhere around what you expect - so
that with some thought, players can home in on good combinations

> Ultimately, I propably won't even make a lot of assembled items
> unless crafters cry out for them.  I like the fact that when you
> craft a sword, it only requires 4 basic resource units - as
> opposed to 2 ingots, 5 strips of leather, etc...

> Making crafting too close to reality would make it too much like
> work for me.

Absolutely - but "too close" varies from person to person. Too
simplistic, and for me there might as well not be a choice.

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