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Louis d'Ambra louis.dambra at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 23:25:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

On FactorNews (http://www.factornews.com/seenews.php?n=3D12956),
Debi Coster (european press manager) wrote:

> Question: On GuildWars.com, will the "guild ladder" have more
> advanced features? e.g. Guild personal pages?

> Answer : We are committed to making Guild Wars the best game for
> competitive play on the market, and we will continually enhance
> the game with new features and support in order to achieve and
> maintain that objective. The guild ladder will definitely offer
> more options for guilds. It's always our intention to make sure
> that you have the information that you need. We believe there is a
> lot of information that a player would like to see, including
> guild rosters, guild rankings, and other statistical data. This
> would help a challenging guild better prepare for a
> guild-versus-guild match. Whether this information is available on
> the Guild Ladder pages of the www.guildwars.com website, or
> through an in-game mechanism, we will be expanding what guilds
> know about each other by quite a large degree. Certainly we could
> offer an option to allow guilds to link to their guild pages and
> guild member's individual page from the guild ladder itself. As
> the player community makes us aware of other features they would
> like to have in the way can incorporate them into Guild Wars.

Guild Wars, aka the "free" MMO, will get out soon. Does anyone
already played it ? Any comments or impressions yet ? Is the combat
system really good and most skillful than most of the MMO's out
there ?
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