[MUD-Dev] Marketing Resources?

Mike Rozak Mike at mxac.com.au
Sat Apr 30 11:56:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Michael Sellers wrote:

> I suspect that for many MMOG developers, the intense desire to
> have others see what they're doing (both for validation and
> bragging rights) is more the root of early disclosure than is any
> planned desire to build buzz.  After all, if no one else knows
> what you're doing, you must not be doing anything, right? ;-)

I understand this urge perfectly...

I love running around and showing people the latest cool feature I
implimented. At some point, many-many moons from now, I may put up a
server for a couple of days, and see what the experts at Mud-dev
have to say. I won't leave it up for ordinary players, since most
won't be able to see past the work-in-progress. (Pointing out my own
hypocracy... such a viewing would expose my ideas to potential
competitors, but I think that what I'm working on is sufficiently
niche-market that I won't have too many competitors, if any.)

Related to "if no one else knows what your're doing...", two other reasons
for putting out a web page early came to mind:

  1) If you're an open-source VW, putting out a web site early is a
  good way to get other open source developers to help your

  2) If you're looking for (more) VC funding, a web site filled with
  umpteen million fan posts saying how much they can't wait for your
  game can come in handy.

Mike Rozak
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