[MUD-Dev] Marketing Resources?

Michael Sellers mike at onlinealchemy.com
Sun May 1 06:30:37 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Mike Rozak wrote:

> Related to "if no one else knows what your're doing...", two other
> reasons for putting out a web page early came to mind:

> 1) If you're an open-source VW, putting out a web site early is a
> good way to get other open source developers to help your
> endeavor.

True.  For open-source or hobbyist VWs/MUDs, this is a natural thing
to do.

> 2) If you're looking for (more) VC funding, a web site filled with
> umpteen million fan posts saying how much they can't wait for your
> game can come in handy.

Yeah... not really.  The presence or absence of wild raving fans,
blog inclusions, game site interviews, screenshots, feature
descriptions, etc., on an open website aren't going to move a VC an
inch.  They might affect some angel investors -- difficult to say.

For a VC it's about the team's record, the technology, the (working)
game demo, business plan, competitive analysis, marketing strategy,
and answers to whatever cogent or just plain odd questions they come
up with that matters.

Mike Sellers
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