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Mordengaard mordengaard at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 3 22:41:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

"Louis d'Ambra" <louis.dambra at gmail.com> wrote:

> Guild Wars, aka the "free" MMO, will get out soon. Does anyone
> already played it ?  Any comments or impressions yet ? Is the
> combat system really good and most skillful than most of the MMO's
> out there ?

I've been playing GW since the Beta Weekend Events started.  I think
it's being mislabelled as a MMO - it's basically a series of
scripted missions for teams of 2-8 people (depending on the mission)
with interconnecting "chat rooms" for building teams.  There's very
little MM about it in the traditional sense.  It does however have a
very strong PvP element to it, with players joining/forming guilds
and competing with other guilds. Naturally this tends to be done at
the top level (level 20), and this seems to be fairly well balanced,
with a good team and organisation being required to compete.  It has
very fancy graphics, but it can't avoid being basically a sequence
of hack'n'slash linear missions with a co-operative element, leading
to a PvP arena.  Also for some odd reason there's a regional element
to the PvP, where guilds playing from Korea, America, or Europe can
gain bonuses for others from the same region if they win battles -
this would seem to imply that guilds shouldn't contain players from
several regions, and also (after seeing it in action) that the
designers have never heard of time zones... although maybe I'm just
being flippant and missing something there.  Crafting is passed over
almost entirely, with the player only needing to collect the basic
materials and then find a crafter npc, fork over some gold and
voila, new equipment.  There's an element of customisation, allowing
runes and custom parts to be added to items, and various mixable
dyes for changing colours.  Character roleplay is practically
non-existant from what I've seen, being mostly scripted within the
mission structure.  There are several classes and skills, which
provides for a nice range of possibilities, and it can be fun during
the missions to experiment with combinations, however there are
already web sites giving advice on "uber" combinations and tactics
for use in PvP, and walkthroughs of the missions, so the game seems
almost solved before release.

Mordengaard (Yhared)
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