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Jason Downs downsj at downsj.com
Thu May 5 04:18:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

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> Guild Wars, aka the "free" MMO, will get out soon. Does anyone
> already played it ? Any comments or impressions yet ? Is the
> combat system really good and most skillful than most of the MMO's
> out there ?

Speaking only as someone who played a "roleplay" (non-PvP) character
for several hours over this past weekend...

My impression is that GW has very little in common with modern
MMORPGs.  I've heard it referred to as "Diablo in 3D", and I really
have to agree with that.  It's an inherently single player game
which you can play with some buddies if you really want to, but it's
not even really encouraged.

As for the combat system, I found no skill involved at all.  The
entire game is designed to be "point and click" driven, and this
extends to what I've seen of the very simplistic combat.  Click on a
mob, and it dies a little while later.  Perhaps you might have to
heal yourself or your pet part of the way through, but probably not.
Special attacks don't do much.  Mob AI is essentially non-existant.

I'm curious if the PvP portion of the game is any different/better.

Basically, my opinion is that the game is not an MMORPG.  It's
rogue/larn/nethack with better graphics, less depth, and PvP.
Nothing wrong with being of the rogue/larn/nethack genre, of course,
just that it's getting kind of stale since Diablo already did it
with pretty graphics and PvP.

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