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"Koster, Raph" writes:

> Pretty much every combat mud had concrete grouping.

Yes, and for some reason I added the concept of groups to my
non-combat MUD way back, probably around 1993 or 94.

They were basically just chat channels, except for one aspect:

  @group[/switches] [<argument>]
  This command accepts the following switches:
    /follow       Begin following your group leader around.

I had auto-follow.

I think Diku had it before that, at least I seem to recall being
able to automatically follow people around when I was playing that a
very long time ago.  I don't know of any other TinyM* which did,

The MMORPG world certainly would be a different place without
/follow.  Such a small thing, but oh so important in the grander
scheme of things.

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