[MUD-Dev] Marketing Resources?

Mike Rozak Mike at mxac.com.au
Fri May 6 13:51:27 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Tom Hunter wrote:

> Years and years of marketing experience.  One of the reasons I
> keep my big mouth shut when questions about code come up is lack
> of expertise.  Its not that I no nothing, but its not what I do, I
> can make comments that are intelligent, ask good questions and
> even make good suggestions from time to time but I also make
> comments that show a lot of ignorance, mistakes assumptions and so
> on.  Please don't take this as negative critcism of your posts,
> they are driving an interesting discussion and show an intelligent
> point of veiw, but we all learn from experience and people who
> have been marketing for decades ought to have some additional
> knowledge.  (though the cynic in me thinks a lot of them don't)

If I didn't ask the questions (and show my ignorance), I'd never get
the answers I need to educate myself.

I also have a tendency/audacity to question conventional
wisdom. Conventional wisdom is usally correct, but sometimes it's
only 99% correct, and that 1% of the time it's incorrect can be very

Are there any good books on marketing games or MMORPGs? Or even web

Mike Rozak
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