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ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Sun May 8 23:33:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Koster, Raph wrote:

> The game indie scene does not yet have those qualities. Instead,
> it increasingly looks like simply a different market, obliged by
> budgets and distribution constraints to focus on casual games. We
> don't see the major publishers consciously carrying a range of
> titles; instead, they seem to trending towards the big productions
> only (EA being the poster child for this trend). And the jump from

What about POGO? The last I heard, both the profitability and
revenues of that was making various people inside EA sit up and pay
a lot more attention. Obviously it's been grossly marginalised until
now, supporting what you're saying, but my impression was that this
was changing pretty rapidly?

13 million unique visitors a month, close to 1 million subscribers
(2005 figures) - all from what IIRC is a fairly small dept, and it's
not yet started selling into Asia (or maybe they do these days?).

Adam M
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