[MUD-Dev] Guild Wars ?

Colin Fuller colinfuller at charter.net
Wed May 11 22:42:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

I keep seeing people speak of the lack of fee as one of the selling
points of this game. I think that ArenaNet/NCSoft has done a good
job marketing on this one. The game will have a periodic fee, it
will just be in the form of expansions. In order to compete in the
PvP, it will be necessary to keep up with the Joneses and get the
new higher level cap/items/spells/etc. The overall cost may be less
than a "regular" MMOG, but 1) the gameplay will be less "massive"
and 2) I still see the cost as being substantial.

I also tire of people labeling this game as an MMOG. I see very
little difference between Diablo II and Guild Wars. Both had an
online lobby where players meet (Battle.Net and ArenaNet's hosted
portion of the game, respectively). The only difference is in the
interface (chat rooms vs avatar-based). Was Diablo II labeled as an
MMOG? No. Should it have been? I don't think so. Same thing for
Guild Wars.

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