[MUD-Dev] Concerning "Groups"

Jeff Gaskill d1r7_man at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 09:20:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Paolo Piselli wrote:

> Just some quick feedback on your comments regarding grouping.  Are
> your conclusions regarding grouping the result of actual survey
> data from an unbiased sample of WoW players?  If so, what specific
> questions did you ask to come up with your justification of the
> results?

Thanks for your response.

I did my best to get an unbiased sample. My initial field data comes
from a relatively small sample of 20 groups, randomly formed in one
of two ways: my response to a grouping request in General chat or
direct /tell or /say, or my post of /lfg in general chat or
/lfm. The players came from generally lower level areas(5 - 25),
from both horde and alliance, and from both PvP and non-PvP servers.

I considered it more of a pilot then, and am just looking for
directions to take it from here.

Thanks for the link to Nick Yee, I've seen some of his stuff before,
but your link shows me some things that I haven't seen before and
will enjoy reading.

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