[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurt the MMO community?

Sean Marshall muddev at gmail.com
Thu May 12 20:05:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Jaycen wrote:

> What the hell is the point of playing if the rich can do whatever
> they want, while the rest of us have to slog through the normal
> game mechanics to get by?

Well, I've enjoyed my life so far even though I wasn't born
rich. Your comment is a strawman's arguement, they can't do
'whatever they want' they just get an edge in a game where there are
many types of edges and many ways to acquire them.

Whenever this topic comes up I usually point out that the same
situation exists in RL. Take golf, the very rich can afford the best
equiptment, the best green fees, the best caddies, and
trainers. They can attend camps. They are edges, huge ones, but
those edges can be overcome and often are.

You used two questionable terms, "cheating" and "decent players". It
isn't cheating if it is specifically allowed and your use of "decent
players" doesn't make much sense in the context you used.
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