[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurt the MMO community?

Dana V. Baldwin dbaldwin at playnet.com
Fri May 13 03:21:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Sean Marshall wrote:
> Jaycen wrote:

>> What the hell is the point of playing if the rich can do whatever
>> they want, while the rest of us have to slog through the normal
>> game mechanics to get by?

> Whenever this topic comes up I usually point out that the same
> situation exists in RL. Take golf, the very rich can afford the
> best equiptment, the best green fees, the best caddies, and
> trainers. They can attend camps. They are edges, huge ones, but
> those edges can be overcome and often are.

> You used two questionable terms, "cheating" and "decent
> players". It isn't cheating if it is specifically allowed and your
> use of "decent players" doesn't make much sense in the context you
> used.

Its a bit different in a game but golf is a fine analogy with this

In the game world, the game mechanic creates UberSword and a player
gets it. The game mechanic is entirely in control of the creation
and posession of UberSword. IRL the golf equipment creation process
is not handled by the game of golf.

Now if the player who got the drop, gives, vendors, auctions,
barters or ebays that sword, there is still only one UberSword in
the equation. The means of aquisition by the player is
inconsequential to the observer (in this case the player who was not
involved in the transaction). The observer's game play is not in any
way affected by this transaction unless the transaction itself is
invalid, not the method of that transaction. Meaning that, UberSword
is no-trade but through cheating was traded.

To Jaycens credit he hits the nail on the head. The game mechanic
here is what he sould really be focusing his anger on. The initial
aquisition (he slogs through content while another player is
transacting for 100 UberSwords a day) and transaction of the item
are at fault if you don't want people to be able to trade for
certain items.

In the end though these arguments are academically quaint but hold
little merit in the modern world. Free economies will win out in all
instances regardless of the mechanics in place to prevent
them. Thousands of years of trade embargos and black markets tell
all the tale that's there to know.
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