[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheatinghurttheMMOcommunity?

Tom Hunter tchunter3 at comcast.net
Fri May 13 03:54:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Barry Kearns wrote:

Snipped a long post from Barry who made a lot of good points until
he started going after my Puritan Ancestors.

> Wasn't it H. L. Mencken who defined a Puritan as "a person who was
> worried that someone, somewhere, someplace was having fun"?  Is
> this attitude of "attack the fact that it even exists, even if
> it's somewhere else" the militant form of Puritan thought with
> respect to game rulesets?

H.L. Mencken said this, and I think its funny, but its not correct,
at least not when applied to the Puritans.  They came to New England
to build a better society, not to build a base to seek out other
societies to attack them.  I think this is germain to the discussion
because in a much smaller way we are trying to build better
societies and the Puritans offer a fairly succesful model, elements
of which have been adopted in all the worlds democracies.

New England Puritans worked very hard to achieve consensus about how
one should live a good life in the community.  They had room for
dissent and constant debate.  They also had to deal with the
occasional person whos opinions about God and Religion were very
strong and counter to the group consensus, much as this board is
dealing with Jason.  Usually they did this by exile, once in a great
while they did it by exicution but much less so than any other
government in existance during thier era.  Roger Williams who was
exiled to what is now Providence RI sounds a lot like Jaycen though
Williams was more eloquent.

Jaycen's position is the opposite of the Puritans.  He is not
seeking consensus and when people disagree with him he gets a bit
testy.  The Puritans on the list are Matt, Barry and others who are
trying to use thier experience and dialog to find a consensus
solution to the issue.  Once they have that solution they act in
concert to defend it.  That is a very Puritan way to act.

Barry I forgive your discretions in a spirit of Puritan love.*

Since the people in question are much too dead to understand the
internet I thought I would go to bat for them, thanks for reading.

*and Puritan dry humor
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