[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheatinghurttheMMOcommunity?

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at alltel.net
Fri May 13 06:20:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Barry Kearns wrote:

> You'll see everything from PK mindsets, to guild wars, to
> cross-faction troublemakers and instigators.  Some see these as
> entirely legitimate, some see these as people being jerks.
> Players want the ability to do whatever they personally consider
> legitimate or justified, but they want everything that someone
> *else* does that they think was unjustified (often because they
> were on the losing end) to be punished.  There tends to be no
> universal agreement regarding how borderline cases should be
> resolved... so you'll see a huge amount of GM petitions and
> customer complaints for uneven enforcement.

Player's Code of Play

  - Normal play is the way I play the game.

  - All others who play the game are engaging in degrees of abnormal

    + Abnormal play which irritates me is known as disruptive play.

    + Abnormal play which I find offensive is known as harassment.

    + Abnormal play which adversely affects my play is known as

J Lambert
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