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Jaycen Rigger jaycen.rigger at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 13 15:05:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Morris Cox <morriscox at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to see a self-evolving MMOG. Maybe something like
> Sims 2 crossed with Fable and Morrowind. Players could have some
> influence via passing laws aka A Tale in the Desert and by many of
> the ways they do now (killing named NPCs, quests, etc.), just the
> changes will be more permanent. Instead of having the same NPCs
> spawn at the same spot, a new generation can arise and inherit
> (and go hunting for their parent's killer).

I've had many a conversation about just this type of AI.  One of the
coolest I heard was the creator of the emulator I use.  He suggested
an Orc AI where the orcs always roam (instead of spawning and
staying near their spawn point).  When two orcs meet, they fight.
The winner becomes a "Captain".  When this captain meets other
"standard" orcs, they join up with him and follow him around.  If
two groups led by captains meet up, the group fights until one of
the Captains is dead.  The remaining orcs follow the new Captain.
Finally, when a Captain gains a large enough following, the entire
group heads for the nearest city and goes on a rampage.

Why haven't we started working on this AI, yet?  Too many other
damned systems to bring into existance before tackling "fluff".  Is
it fluff if it really adds a cool new dimension to the game?  It is
if the orcs I have already attack players and aren't bugged up.
Anyway, good idea, man.


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