[MUD-Dev] DESIGN: Loot on demand (was: Will company sanctionedcheating hurt theMMOcommunity?)

Koster, Raph rkoster at soe.sony.com
Fri May 13 16:52:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Cosmik wrote:

> Many MMOs these days are utilizing in-game email systems. Perhaps
> its time we move bulletin boards in-game as well? One thing I
> especially liked about the MUD called Kingdom of the Winds was its
> email/bulletin board system which allowed players to communicate
> (roleplay and non-roleplay) with each other in ways I haven't seen
> translated into any MMO I've played or followed.

In-game bulletin boards are pretty much standard issue on muds. But
when we put them in UO (which we considered a required feature for
launch, because of their ubiquity in muds) they were hugely
underutilized. Granted, they weren't a very good implementation. And
I believe EQ had in-game boards at launch as well. I know M59 did.

The MMO audiences simply seemed to prefer using the web.

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